Kefir Smoothie Recipie

Probiotic/ Omega3 breakfast smoothie

Add kefir to blender, add blue berries and cranberries, grind the flax seed in a coffee grinder (one of those cheap spinning blade coffee grinders works very well) and add to blender and add cinnamon and water. After all ingredients are added to the blender cover and blend to desired consistency and enjoy.


The kefir and flax seeds are the main components of the “Probiotic/Omega 3” Smoothie with the kefir providing the probiotics and the flax seeds providing the omega 3 as well as a considerable amount of fiber (A bit of a warning the flaxseed in combination with the kefir acts as a bit of a cleanser to help get things moving through the digestive tract it may be a good idea to start this on a weekend so you are not caught by surprise to far from a bathroom facility for first couple of days).

You can substitute any berries or fruits for the berries listed as ingredients, as well as using other flavorings such as a tsp of vanilla (or to taste) or adding hemp hearts or nuts to customize your smoothie.

Great in the summer.

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