Ridgecrest Dairies is proud to present the newest member of our product line, Kefir.

While the vast majority of Canadians are not yet familiar with Kefir, Kefir is one of the most popular fermented milk beverages in Eastern Europe.

Our Kefir is fermented from "Kefir Grains" in small batches, which are hand crafted in true artisan style. As with all of our products we use only non-homogenized whole milk the way it arrives to us from the farm in the making of our Kefir.

We have recently been issued approval for use of the "100% Canadian Milk" logo, which serves as a symbol of purity for our products. We use only 100% Canadian milk, we use no modified milk ingredients or other ingredients as processing aids such as gums, guars, starches, stabilizers or preservatives, in fact the only ingredients in our plain kefir is milk and the bacteria, yeasts and enzymes produced by the kefir grains.