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Ridgecrest Dairy Panir originated as a South Asian cooking cheese and while it is rather bland when eaten raw or plain it becomes delectably irresistible when prepared in its traditional South Asian cooking style.

Our customers can take advantage of the extraordinary versatility of this product and adapt it to whatever style of cooking desired. We invite you to try our recipes... bon appetite!

Spicy Panir Stir Fry
Matter Panir
Curried Panir and Vegetable Pita
Spinach and Panir
Creamy Tomato and Panir Soup
Panir Pineapple Cheesecake
Panir Manicotti
Brown Rice Panir Pesto Bake
Creamy Spinach Potatoes Panir
Stir Fry - Panir Style
Kefir Probiotic/ Omega3 Breakfast Smoothie